How can doctors treating legitimate pain patients be attacked as a criminal drug pusher?

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 - The Laws created to stop the influx of drugs into the United States that are illegal. 

 - The statute in the Controlled Substance Act written to exempt doctors from prosecution. 

 - The function of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

 - Regulations for registration and  prescriptions

- Offenses and penalties for violations

 - Case Law from the Supreme Court on the use of the Controlled Substance Act.

and more…!

About the Author
Linda Cheek, MD

Retired, unlicensed physician with a former specialty in family medicine, healing functional medicine and pain management; speaker; advocate for pain management.

Founder of Doctors of Courage;

Best Selling Author for TARGET: PAIN DOC

Teacher of the Seven Pillars of Total Health, the Seven Steps to Healing.

Speaker at Pain Patient Advocacy Week in Washington.

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